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"My daughter absolutely loved your goalie camp! This was so helpful for her because she gets very little goalie coaching during the school year.  She’s keeping a detailed camp dairy to reference when the season starts. She definitely learned a lot and raved about the coaches. Please reserve a spot for her for next year!"   

- Sandra S


"Nicole LOVED the goalie camp.  Thank you so much for all of your work with her and the other girls.  She really felt liked she learned a lot and I know she benefited from the staff's positive feedback."   

 - Christine Roberts

"Emma had a great time.  She told me it was well run and that she learned a lot!  She will keep working."

 - Laurie Albee

"Rebecca said she learned a lot from your camp in just 3 days.  As we were driving home after the last session on Friday, we were talking about how to keep the momentum going." 

 - Joanne Johnson

'I just wanted to thank you for the great experience my daughter Hallie had.  She started the summer with absolutely no field hockey experience.  Thanks to your wonderful camps she now has an understanding of the game and feels that her skills are definitely improving.  You gave her the tools she needed and it has really helped her confidence.  She's looking forward to the fall season." 

- Tracy Wall

"Thank you so much!  The girls really enjoyed the camp and said this morning that they learned a lot and had a lot of fun.  I would love to talk to you about it." 

- Patricia Cullen

"Mariana loved the goalie camp.  She says that it was so much fun and has learned a lot.  To me it is great to pick her up and find her so tired and with a big smile.  I think she is really happy. I wanted to thank you, she said you are so nice and kind to her."  

- Marianne Nieves de Bangegas

"I just wanted to thank you for organizing such great camps.  Marisol attended both camps and she really enjoyed both.  I really enjoyed your daily communication and appreciate the time you took to write us.  Marisol is going into 8th grade and I am hopeful that we will have a long future of field hockey ahead of us.  Thank you again and enjoy the rest of your summer."

- Annemarie Mattia 

"I'm Kate's mom.  I cannot say thank you enough for everything you all do...Kate is so excited to go every week and inspired when she comes home.  All she does is talk about her chance to play with the older girls, or work with the coach one-on-one.  She is absolutely loving every minute so thank you, I know it's not easy working with teen girls!!!!

We would be interested in Spring Training.  Kate does competitive dancing so we would have to see what days/times would work with her schedule"   

- Jennine Mc

Thank you for a wonderful training session.  My daughter enjoyed it and is continuing to grow.  She loves your inspirational email reminders…. Keeps everyone motivated in the winter months!  We’re looking forward to hearing of more of your training sessions.  

- JN

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