Goalkeeper Camp: June 26-28, 2019

Goalkeepers learn how to become a fierce last line of defense


 and the first line of attack!


The goalkeeper is the most important position on the field! Unfortunately, goalkeeping coaching is often overlooked, especially at the high school level. That’s why we started JGH. Our aim is to fill this coaching gap by providing goalkeepers with the highest level of coaching in a challenging, supportive, and FUN environment!
We use a holistic approach to developing goalkeepers by emphasizing technique, fitness, and mental toughness. We review fundamental skills and concepts, as well as teach new and advanced techniques. Curriculum includes: Footwork, clears, punch clears, strokes, diving & stacking. 
Goalkeeper camp is open to ALL goalies, regardless of age or ability level. It is designed to challenge each player. Placing goalkeepers into groups based on their skill level and keeping a low GK-to-coach ratio allows us to accommodate all skill levels, from beginners trying on pads for the first time to the more advanced players heading off to college. 
Note:  ALL GKs must supply their own equipment: Leg guards & kickers, GK girdle, chest protector, neck protector, gloves, helmet, mouth piece & stick. No jewelry!
High School Field Hockey Coaches: June 28, 2019  
Back by popular demand! Coaches can sign up for our Goalkeeping Coaches Clinic.   Our staff will review proper GK training progression of techniques.  Drills will be broken down and explained in detail. Coaches will leave feeling better prepared to train their GK's correctly and how to incorporate GKs into every drill. Booklet of drills with instructions included. 

Field Player Camp 

Field players will gain the knowledge and repetitions needed to successfully attack and challenge their opponents. Players will train with our Goalkeepers to understand defensive fundamentals necessary to minimize opponent scoring opportunities and effectively transition to attack.
Note: ALL Field Players must supply their own equipment: Stick, goggles, shin guards and mouth piece. No jewelry
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Jersey Girls Hockey Player & Team Camp is open to ALL field hockey players regardless of ability level. 

Athletes will be grouped according to skill level. Curriculum is designed to build a strong skill foundation and challenge each player as the week progresses.  Athletes and teams should be willing to pursue taking their skills to the next level. Jersey Girls Hockey will address all tactical areas while building team unity.  

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1. Jersey Girls Hockey Player & Team Camp

2. Elite Field Hockey Goalkeeper Training Camp & Coaches Clinic

3. Attack Camp - Learn to become a top goal scorer

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Our Programs

Elite Goalkeeping Camp

Coaching Goalkeepers by Goalkeepers 

Top level goalies provide the highest level of coaching in a challenging, supportive and fun environment. All goalies benefit from training tailored for their individual needs and goals.  A low staff to player ratio ensures that all goalies benefit. Sign up today to learn how to become a fierce last line of defense and the first line of attack.

JUNE 24TH – 26TH, 2020

  9:00 – 1:00

Attack Camp

BECOME A TOP GOAL SCORER -  campers will learn and practice the various techniques and strategies to become top goal scorers.  Each session is designed to give players the repetitions necessary to increase chances of scoring more goals!  Athletes will hone their skills, take advantage of many tips and tricks and then get the opportunity to test these skills against some of the best high school goalkeepers in New Jersey.​

JUNE 24TH – 26TH, 2020

 11:00AM – 1:00PM

GRADES 5 – 12

Player & Team Camp

The JGH Player & Team Camp is open to ALL field hockey players regardless of their performance level.  Athletes are grouped according to their skill. The curriculum is designed to build a strong skill foundation and to challenge each player as the week progresses.  Coaches emphasize game strategy and tactics while building team unity. Are you ready to bring your game to the next level?    It is serious training and serious fun!

JULY 6th- 9th, 2020

9:00 AM – 12:00 PM 

 Grades:  3rd – 12th